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Pellet Delivery Policy


    Effective April 1st, 2016

    Below are our pellet policies and procedures that customers should be aware of prior to purchasing from us.

    • Delivery of full pallets only because it is the only safe way to transport

    • We will make every attempt to place your pellets where you want them providing our forklifts can get there and in the sole determination of the driver who is experienced and trained, it is possible and safe to do so. The total weight of the moffett is 9,000lbs.  If you ask us to leave your driveway please be aware of any..

      • Water systems

      • Leech fields

      • Irrigation systems

      • Septic

      • Or anything underground that may be damaged by the weight of the moffet.

      • Also be aware that our forklifts WILL damage your lawn, the severity of which depends on the lawn, the season and the conditions. Do not ask us to leave your driveway if any of the above concerns you.

    • “Delivery"  is considered to be one drop at one location. We are more than happy to try to accommodate those customers who wish to share delivery costs with their neighbor and pool their orders. If in the sole determination of the driver, this will require remounting the forklift to the truck and moving the truck, it will be considered another delivery and be subject to another delivery charge. Call for details.

    • Home & Hearth will warrant any delivered pellets to be free from damage for 3 weeks after you take delivery of the product. Notification of any damaged product must be made within 3 weeks of delivery. We understand this may be difficult but please examine your delivery and let us know of any problems within 3 weeks.

    • Use of Moffett and Pallet Jack is limited to a Home & Hearth Employee.

    • In order to fit Moffett in a structure, the structure opening has to be 8’6” x 8’6”.

    Scheduling deliveries

    We schedule deliveries based on order date and general location. For us to be able to offer delivery, we must deliver as soon as possible.

        Unfortunately, we do not have the amount of room necessary to store all our customers’ pellets, which means when they get delivered  to us, we ship them right out to you. This allows us to be able to deliver to all our customers, and also insures a “fresh” stock of pellets for you, the customer.

    In order to run an efficient delivery system, we have to set up delivery runs in a general area. If we were to deliver to Manchester, NH, then have to go to Malden, MA, it would cut into time for other deliveries. We would not be able to make as many total deliveries as a result.

    Delivery Charges

    • We offer flat rate delivery fee's 1-12 tons. If you order at least 6 tons of wood pellets, you will receive half off delivery. If you order 12 tons of wood pellets, you will receive free delivery.
    • We require a deposit of half the amount of your order to schedule your delivery.


    -We will take deposits over the phone with a credit card. We do not accept American Express. For cash and check orders via phone, we still need a deposit. If a customer wants to pay with cash or check and they are placing their order over the phone, we will take their order, but we will leave the order pending.  

    -The customer's order will not be considered for delivery until we receive a deposit for half the amount, they can either mail a check or come in and pay by check or cash if that is the prefered method of payment.

    -Once we receive a deposit for at least half the amount we will remove the order from “Pending”, change the status from “pending” to “Active Pellet Delivery” and schedule based on the initial date of their order from when it was “pending”.