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Logike Softwood Pellets

    Additional Info

    • Softwood
    • 8500 - 9000 BTU's/LB
    • .25 - .35%
    • $5.85/Bag $280.00/Ton

    Delivery Pricing & Policies


    Effective April 1st, 2016

    Below are our pellet policies and procedures that customers should be aware of prior to purchasing from us.

    • Delivery of full pallets only because it is the only safe way to transport

    • We will make every attempt to place your pellets where you want them providing our forklifts can get there and in the sole determination of the driver who is experienced and trained, it is possible and safe to do so. The total weight of the moffett is 9,000lbs.  If you ask us to leave your driveway please be aware of any....  


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